Wednesday, September 26, 2012

By flickering Torchlight

So it seems that I now have the opportunity for a rebirth, of sorts.  Two days ago I purchased Torchlight 2 via Steam, and perhaps four days before that, the original Torchlight.

I will admit that these games certainly do not have anything like the depth of WoW.  The lack of targetting in particular makes them somewhat tricky to play, as well; but that can be overcome.

It seems that the same people who developed WoWHead, have put together an Armory type site for Torchlight 2, complete with the usual talent calculator.  After discovering it, I put together an experimental level 100 spec to use, and I'm going to be slowly implementing it.  I've become a fan of the shotgonne, primarily because of the amount of utility it offers.

You might think that that build looks terribly hamstrung, but when I first got the game, the class I initially tried was an Engineer.  I was horrified to spend the next five levels running around mindlessly one-shotting everything that moved, even on Normal difficulty, before I finally deleted the character due to boredom.  The worst thing about it was, that at level five I was still one shotting mobs, and taking no real damage whatsoever, with the same wrench I'd started the game with.

So my intent has been to create something which is not overpowered, but is actually rewarding and challenging to play.  The shotgonne can still be powerful enough as an offensive weapon, but I find what makes it really enjoyable, is the added knockback, and the stuns and blinding which is available from the specialisation.  I was always a fan of offtanking and slows/stuns/control oriented mechanics within WoW, so I think this build is going to be a lot of fun to play.

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