Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Torchlight Update

I just got out of the game after playing for I think four hours.  The new build seems to be going well.  At level 16, I seem to have roughly 25% crit when Charged, with a theoretical max base crit damage of around 460.

My initial theory that it isn't necessary to stack Strength for the Outlander was apparently correct; it's a shame I didn't listen to my instincts before trashing two previous characters, but oh well.  Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.  You will need *some* strength, however, as occasionally you'll find the odd piece which you'll want to put on, which has Strength requirements.  I haven't needed more than 20 base Str so far, though; and I get a few more points from gear.

Torchlight's mechanics are deeply strange, compared to what some of us might be used to.  Dex doesn't give any base damage to Outlanders at all, even though it's one of our two main stats, with the other being Vitality.  (Stamina in WoWspeak, although apparently Vitality here adds armor as well)

The way we get base damage in TL2, seems to be primarily from the base our weapon does, and from the Charge bar.  The Charge bar seems to work something like the Rage meter from WoW, except it charges depending on when we hit something, rather than when we are hit.  As it goes up, my damage and crit rate start going up with it.  I only have around 10-12% base crit, but when I'm fully charged, I'm at around 25% or so.

The major downside with this game, as mentioned previously, is the targetting system.  The main reason why I've had to stop playing today, is because I started getting symptoms vaguely reminiscent of repetitive strain injury in my mouse hand and arm.  I don't know whether Runic could manage it in a future patch, but if they could, a targetting system similar to that of WoW would be greatly appreciated.

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